List of High Profile cases solved by the Department

Punjab Institute of Cardiology Lahore

More than 300 causalities caused due to ingestion of the medicines contaminated with pyrimethamine.

Tyno (Dextromethorphan) syrup abuse

More than 30 causalities caused because this Syrup was consumed in excess. Levomethorphan found in syrup.

Murder of a NAB Official

According to the opinion of medical board, death was suicide by strangulation. It was also being suspected in a Media report that he was drunk and on anti-depressant medication (Olanzapine) for many years.  But no alcohol and olanzapine were detected.

Casualties due to dextromethorphan syrup (tyno) abuse in Punjab

Lethal levels of dextromethorphan were found in 17 victims.

Casualties were reported after taking the meals from the Dera of a political person at Mailsi, Vehari

Postmortem specimens of the victims were sent to the Toxicology Laboratory for analysis. On examination, Phosphine (poisonous gas released from wheat pills) was found to be the cause of death.

Methanol poisoning case

More than 20 deaths reported after ingestion of liquor contaminated with methanol.

Johar Town Lahore murder case

A man murdered his 7 relatives and then he himself committed suicide. Scene was well processed by the CSI PFSA team and helped a lot in solving this case. Victims were first sedated then killed by striking hammer on their heads and finally aluminum phosphide (Phosphine) powder was sprinkled on their faces. After that murderer committed suicide by taking sedatives and phosphine.

Pakistani TV Model, Abeera, murder case

Cyanide was detected in stomach contents. Later on cyanide also detected in a liquid recovered from the crime scene.

Death of a Saudi National male found dead in a hotel room

Lethal level of ethanol in liver was detected.

Death of UK National female

Lorazepam detected in stomach contents. Victims’s husband first sedated her and then killed her by strangulation.

Deaths after eating sweetmeat balls (Laddu) in Layyah

Initial Police investigation was proved wrong after Toxicology Analysis Report. Instead of metsulfuron, Chlorfenapyr was detected in Laddu and blood specimen of the victims. Later on, an empty bottle of chlorfenapyr was recovered from the suspect by the Police.