Administrative Wing

Technical Wing



AV = Audio Visual
CF = Computer Forensics
CSI = Crime Scene Investigation  
DNA = DNA & Serology
DSI = Death Scene Investigation
ERU = Evidence Receiving Unit
FPH = Forensic Photography
FS = Forensic Scientist
FTM = Firearms & Toolmarks

M = Monitoring
JFS = Junior Forensic Scientist
LFP = Latent Fingerprints
NAR = Narcotics
PATH = Pathology
PGR = Polygraph
QA = Quality Assurance
QD = Questioned Documents
TC = Trace Chemistry
TOX = Toxicology


  • Administrative and technical management is supported by clerical staff as assistants, data entry operators, junior clerks and peons
  • Top Management: Includes Director General, Additional Director Generals, Director Administration, Director Forensics and Quality Assurance Manager
  • Key Management: All section supervisors, deputy section supervisors, quality assurance supervisors, deputy quality assurance manager and safety manager