High profile cases solved by Polygraph Department:

Lodhran Rape and Murder case of a minor girl

This case was submitted for polygraph examination. Initially the suspect denied involvement. When polygraph examination was conducted he was found deceptive. After interrogation he confessed that he raped and murdered the minor girl.

Kasur rape and murder case

A case of rape and murder of a minor girl was submitted for polygraph examination. Multiple suspects were test and all were found truthful only one suspect confessed that he raped and murder the minor girl.

Peshawar rape case

high court referred a rape case, Does not have any other evidence. Victim was purportedly rapped by multiple individuals. She recovered after 14 months. 17 suspects all were truthful. Victim was deceptive

Glasgow Couple case 2012

Couple arrived from Glasgow to Pakistan, Hired cab from Lahore airport to Faisalabad. Both husband and wife were found on road and reported they were intoxicated by cab driver. Wife died shortly after reaching hospital. Husband was tested and found deceptive!!!!

Serial rapist case 2015

A case of rape was sent for polygraph. Initially five suspects were sent for polygraph. All were truthful .Another suspect was arrested and sent for polygraph. He confessed for raping 32 girls age 10 to 14 years. He also confessed for raping more than 500 females

Green Town sodomy and murder case 2015

 A case of a murder of a boy was sent for polygraph. Initially police brought four suspects including Imam Masjid who confessed before police that he sodomized and killed the boy. All the suspects were truthful. Later on police arrested another suspects whose DNA matched and he confessed

Hand cutting case

A case of hand chopping was submitted. The victim leveled the allegation that his land owner put his hands forcefully into chaff cutter machine. Polygraph examinations were conducted to determine truthfulness of victim and suspects in a hand chopping case.

Victim’s electro-dermal activity sensors were placed on forehead as he did not have arms and cardio cuff was placed on left leg. During the initial interview victim leveled allegation that his hands were put forcefully into machine. All the suspects were also tested and victim was deceptive who later on confessed that his hands were not put forcefully into machine.

Lip Stitching case 2016

A case of lip stitching was sent for polygraph examination. Polygraph test of the victim showed him as deceptive.