A reliable death investigation system is essential to a properly functioning justice system, which in turn strengthen a safe and fair society. Forensic pathology is the core discipline in the medico-legal investigation of death. It is not the only discipline, but it is the main one, and it is common to every developed death investigation system. Forensic pathology applies the principles and knowledge of the medical science to many legal issues within the field of law. The Department of Forensic Pathology is responsible for determining the cause and manner of death, identifying the deceased if unknown and determining the approximate time of death or injury. Forensic pathology is concerned primarily with the investigation of sudden, violent, suspicious and unexpected deaths.


Enlisted below are the services provided by forensic Pathology Department

  • A full fledge autopsy service is available in department of Forensic Pathology.
  • Well established and state of the art autopsy hall is available for postmortem examination.
  • Forensic pathology also has an additional autopsy room for the postmortem of decomposed bodies.
  • Fixed and mobile X-ray units are available to take x-rays of the desired parts of the dead body.
  • Histopathology lab, equipped with all necessary and latest instruments, provides the histological/ microscopic findings of the tissue specimens taken from the autopsy or the tissue samples received from outside hospitals or laboratories.
  • Forensic pathology has two body storage refrigerator rooms and two body storage freezers for temporary storage of dead body.
  • PFSA provides Forensic Histopathology services to ascertain cases and manner of death after examination of body tissues from autopsy centers of entire Punjab, where Forensic Histopathology service is not available.