Latent Fingerprints

List of High Profile cases solved by the Department

Child Murder Case in a Mosque in Township Area, Lahore

Dead body of a child was found hanging at the 1st floor, in the main hall area of the Mosque. PFSA Crime Scene Investigation Unit recovered twelve latent prints from the crime scene. Police arrested the ‘Muazzan’, ‘Sweeper’, ‘Khateeb’ and Khateeb’s Son, as suspects in the case; they all confessed of committing the offence however, all four suspects were exonerated in the Polygraph and DNA Tests. Consequently, some aadditional suspects were arrested and their reference samples were submitted at PFSA for DNA and Fingerprint examination.

Conclusion: After fingerprint examination, three Latent Palm Prints recovered from the crime scene were found identical with the reference palm prints of one of the suspect who was found eventually, guilty through other pieces of evidence, as well.

Quetta Terrorism Incident

Quetta Police submitted 47 parcels containing remote controllers, sticky tapes, polythene bags, handguns, tire tubes, batteries and metallic pieces etc., recovered by the Crime Scene Investigation Unit of PFSA from an under construction house. 81 latent prints were developed on different evidence items. Fingerprints of five suspects were received and compared with latent prints.

Conclusion: Two latent prints were successfully matched with right thumb and right ring finger of one of the suspect.

Murder in a House in Lahore

A man was found murdered by a sharp knife in a house. Fourteen good quality latent prints were developed which were collected from different surfaces by the PFSA crime scene unit.

Conclusion: Fingerprints of a suspect (Lady) were compared with fourteen latent prints and one latent print LP-12 was individualized as the right little finger of the lady suspected.

Burglary in the house of a Senior Civil Judge

Burglary occurred in the house of Senior Civil judge in Jhelum district. Crime Scene team of Punjab Forensic Science Agency (Rawalpindi division) visited the scene and recovered eight latent print lifts from different surfaces.

Conclusion: Fingerprints of five suspects were compared with six latent prints. All six latent prints matched with one of the suspects.

Factory Murder Case

A person was found dead in the factory at Lahore. Crime Scene Unit of PFSA visited scene on 09-03-2018. Thirteen latent prints were collected from the scene. On 13-03-2018 police brought a suspect in the PFSA lab.

Conclusion: Thirteen latent prints were compared with the suspect. After fingerprint examination two latent prints were found Matched with the reference fingerprints of the suspect.