Forensic Photography

Equipped with the state of the art digital image capturing and processing equipment, Forensic Photography unit acts as a custodian of the repository of digital imaging data captured by itself and the constituent forensic labs of the agency. Forensic Photography Unit provides the photographic services which include but are not limited to photo-documentation and digital image processing and analysis. It also offers expert testimony on resultant images and the findings of all technical analysis of digital media relating to criminal cases, and any other cases as directed by the Director General of the agency. These services are offered to all law enforcement agencies within the province of the Punjab and other provinces of the country, as and when needed.

Main Roles

The main roles of the Forensic Photography Unit are as follows:

  • It assists the Forensic Scientists in criminal investigation process by providing digital images in the desired form through careful photo documentation and processing of the relevant images.
  • It assists the Forensic Pathologists in ascertaining the cause and manner of death by performing photographic analysis on media collected and submitted by the Laboratory Staff or local law enforcement agencies. It also performs photographic analysis on media as requested by other law enforcement agencies conducting medico-legal death investigations or criminal investigations.
  • It assists in the judicial process through creation of photographic prints, exhibits, and electronic files to be used by the Forensic Scientists of the Laboratory in criminal investigations.
  • It assists in the judicial process by testifying in Courts of Law, to the content of any image, the results of any and all analysis conducted, and the conclusions contained within the reports generated by the Forensic Photography Unit.